The Almost-Unicorn Wait for PropertyGuru’s IPO Exit

However, the Vietnamese market is expected to contribute 29-33% of the group’s revenue in 2019 and 2020. With the considerable capital from KKR, PropertyGuru bought out its Vietnamese counterpart,, giving it a 69% market share and the market leader position. The acquisition is a saving grace, as out of all the other markets in … Read more

The Local Instant Market May Be BIG on Facebook But Carousell is Where to Find E-commerce Deals Near You!

Regardless, OLX and its “diverse experience” worldwide has provided strong input for Carousell, though Malani stresses its involvement is only at the board level rather than operational. It’s a similar situation with Telenor, which has board representation through investment executive Svein Henning Kirkeng and Johan Rostoft. The latter leads the telco’s online classifieds business and … Read more

5 Reasons Your Company Should Embrace & Hire Unicorn SoftBank Acquisitions

This “growth stage funding gap” is something that Southeast Asia’s VCs in are looking to tap into by raising larger funding vehicles—sometimes in the hundreds of millions. Jungle Ventures raised its October 2019 $240 million fund with this in mind, as did Singapore’s Vertex Ventures ($290 million). “This is why we cannot do it ourselves … Read more


“The level of support was incredible. In particular, it was very hands-on during demo week,” one investor whose portfolio company took part in the programme remarked. “No other programme has the access and reach to connect young entrepreneurs with industry stalwarts from across the world,” said another investor. “They get to meet some of the … Read more

‘In A Dynamic Market With Lots Of Players We Can’t Compete Accordingly’ – Lee’s Comment

For all of Zilingo’s forward-thinking focus on seller services and the supply chain, the company isn’t shedding its e-commerce skin. E-commerce is overcrowded. In Southeast Asia, it is a capital-intense affair that features heavyweights like Lazada—the general e-commerce platform owned by China’s Alibaba—and Shopee, the online marketplace that belongs to Sea, the NYSE-listed firm valued … Read more

The Story of Iflix: The ‘Emerging Market Netflix’ Limps Toward an Anticlimactic IPO?

The most visible side of Zilingo is its e-commerce marketplace through which sellers, typically small businesses, reach consumers. The focus is on Southeast Asian markets like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, plus India and the US through a global site. Today, the company claims to work with over 50,000 merchants and brands. But it is … Read more