Manila Deal Paves Way for a Survival of Honestbee in Singapore

It’s uncertain what specific roles the Honestbee and Growsari platforms will play in JG’s e-commerce business. However, both have the potential of centralising the group’s inventory and logistics capacities—whether their own or that of third parties—to fulfil orders efficiently. “Having an e-commerce tech platform is so valuable,” says Paul Srivorakul, co-founder and CEO of aCommerce, … Read more

The 10K a Day Startup: Product Delivery & Drone Logistics with Benevolent Tech

Two former employees we interviewed complained about poor management, with the startup having no CFO, and Sng making all high-level decisions, particularly around budgets and spending. One of them revealed that teams were often pushed to aggressively grow the business, but they had little visibility on cash flow. So they even ended up spending money … Read more

Why PropertyGuru’s Missed IPO Exited is the Knock-on Effect of Founders in Control’s co-founder and CEO Darius Cheung declared, “We are coming for market leadership. This is a key milestone that positions us instantly as number one in Indonesia, and well on our way to that in Singapore. Our innovative DNA plus REA’s unrivalled experience and resources make this partnership a lethal combination Southeast Asia has not … Read more

SWOT Analysis of SoftBank, the company with $100 Billion+ Investments in 20 Unicorns by 2020

There are plenty of concerns too. Several VCs feel their move to larger deals leaves the important seed stage under-capitalised. VCs themselves face accusations of following the money. In this case, higher income from management fees after raising larger funds. Startup exits—events during which investors recoup their funds—are few and far between currently, which does … Read more

Social Reality, also Known as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Banks in the region find small-ticket loans unviable, as the expenses necessary to simply verify a customer would hurt any financial upside. However, startups with a large user base—Grab claims 130 million downloads, while Gojek says its collection of apps have ~100 million cumulative downloads—can pull together a ‘long tail’ of small customers. This can … Read more

How Does SoftBank’s Vision to Tilt Venture Capital Play a Role in America’s Next Inclusive Innovation Economy?

Despite the huge investment pledges and social impact claims, Grab is not a charity. If anything, it is quite the opposite. As SoftBank’s largest investee in Southeast Asia and second largest in Asia in terms of investment capital, there are inescapable expectations of financial reward. Irrespective of any social or economic impact Grab may be … Read more

What is Iflix, and how can it Provide Streaming Solutions for Emerging Markets?

Yet, the company still profits from that battle. Its software gives it roots into the merchants it works with, but Zilingo doesn’t lock them into selling exclusively on its marketplace. It allows sellers to use competitive services like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada or others—such is the company’s belief that it offers something unique. “All of us … Read more

Introducing Iflix: A Streaming Service Operating in Emerging Markets

A former employee described the African business’ traction among consumers as “pitiful,” but noted that Iflix’s expansion—which kicked off in 2017—was necessary to attract investor attention and capital. In December 2015, TechCrunch reported that Iflix had spoken with VCs to raise $150 million to extensively expand its presence—then just Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand—by moving into other parts of … Read more