The 10K a Day Startup: Product Delivery & Drone Logistics with Benevolent Tech

Two former employees we interviewed complained about poor management, with the startup having no CFO, and Sng making all high-level decisions, particularly around budgets and spending. One of them revealed that teams were often pushed to aggressively grow the business, but they had little visibility on cash flow. So they even ended up spending money … Read more

The Local Instant Market May Be BIG on Facebook But Carousell is Where to Find E-commerce Deals Near You!

Regardless, OLX and its “diverse experience” worldwide has provided strong input for Carousell, though Malani stresses its involvement is only at the board level rather than operational. It’s a similar situation with Telenor, which has board representation through investment executive Svein Henning Kirkeng and Johan Rostoft. The latter leads the telco’s online classifieds business and … Read more

5 Ways Softbank Venture Capital is Accelerating the Tech Revolution

Jungle Ventures’ Anand told us that the matching ratio from the Singaporean government helped de-risk their LPs’ capital, assuring those investing in the region for the first time. Jungle counts World Bank affiliate International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Cisco Investments among its LPs. 5 Problems That Soft Bank Creates Served By Our Solutions A number … Read more

SWOT Analysis of SoftBank, the company with $100 Billion+ Investments in 20 Unicorns by 2020

There are plenty of concerns too. Several VCs feel their move to larger deals leaves the important seed stage under-capitalised. VCs themselves face accusations of following the money. In this case, higher income from management fees after raising larger funds. Startup exits—events during which investors recoup their funds—are few and far between currently, which does … Read more

How Does SoftBank’s Vision to Tilt Venture Capital Play a Role in America’s Next Inclusive Innovation Economy?

Despite the huge investment pledges and social impact claims, Grab is not a charity. If anything, it is quite the opposite. As SoftBank’s largest investee in Southeast Asia and second largest in Asia in terms of investment capital, there are inescapable expectations of financial reward. Irrespective of any social or economic impact Grab may be … Read more

What is Iflix, and how can it Provide Streaming Solutions for Emerging Markets?

Yet, the company still profits from that battle. Its software gives it roots into the merchants it works with, but Zilingo doesn’t lock them into selling exclusively on its marketplace. It allows sellers to use competitive services like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada or others—such is the company’s belief that it offers something unique. “All of us … Read more

‘In A Dynamic Market With Lots Of Players We Can’t Compete Accordingly’ – Lee’s Comment

For all of Zilingo’s forward-thinking focus on seller services and the supply chain, the company isn’t shedding its e-commerce skin. E-commerce is overcrowded. In Southeast Asia, it is a capital-intense affair that features heavyweights like Lazada—the general e-commerce platform owned by China’s Alibaba—and Shopee, the online marketplace that belongs to Sea, the NYSE-listed firm valued … Read more