Manila Deal Paves Way for a Survival of Honestbee in Singapore

It’s uncertain what specific roles the Honestbee and Growsari platforms will play in JG’s e-commerce business. However, both have the potential of centralising the group’s inventory and logistics capacities—whether their own or that of third parties—to fulfil orders efficiently. “Having an e-commerce tech platform is so valuable,” says Paul Srivorakul, co-founder and CEO of aCommerce, … Read more

Honestbee Might be Making a Comeback to Serve Labuan

And in April, during the Easter week holiday rush—a peak business period—Honestbee’s business in Catholic-majority Philippines paused indefinitely. The situation has only worsened since. Restoring investor confidence Honestbee is said to have just 10 remaining employees in its Singapore headquarters, 177 employees at its Habitat supermarket, and another 54 spread across the rest of the … Read more

The 10K a Day Startup: Product Delivery & Drone Logistics with Benevolent Tech

Two former employees we interviewed complained about poor management, with the startup having no CFO, and Sng making all high-level decisions, particularly around budgets and spending. One of them revealed that teams were often pushed to aggressively grow the business, but they had little visibility on cash flow. So they even ended up spending money … Read more

Why PropertyGuru’s Missed IPO Exited is the Knock-on Effect of Founders in Control’s co-founder and CEO Darius Cheung declared, “We are coming for market leadership. This is a key milestone that positions us instantly as number one in Indonesia, and well on our way to that in Singapore. Our innovative DNA plus REA’s unrivalled experience and resources make this partnership a lethal combination Southeast Asia has not … Read more

The Almost-Unicorn Wait for PropertyGuru’s IPO Exit

However, the Vietnamese market is expected to contribute 29-33% of the group’s revenue in 2019 and 2020. With the considerable capital from KKR, PropertyGuru bought out its Vietnamese counterpart,, giving it a 69% market share and the market leader position. The acquisition is a saving grace, as out of all the other markets in … Read more

What’s so great about the app? The Personalization from its Designer team makes it feel like a Facebook Group for your Need!

And lastly, perhaps causing the biggest dent of all, PropertyGuru’s rivals recently announced a merger. In a move to defend its shareholder base, the ASX-listed property classified company REA Group merged its Indonesia and Singapore businesses with a smaller Singapore-based startup The combined market share for both will post a strong challenge to PropertyGuru’s … Read more

The Local Instant Market May Be BIG on Facebook But Carousell is Where to Find E-commerce Deals Near You!

Regardless, OLX and its “diverse experience” worldwide has provided strong input for Carousell, though Malani stresses its involvement is only at the board level rather than operational. It’s a similar situation with Telenor, which has board representation through investment executive Svein Henning Kirkeng and Johan Rostoft. The latter leads the telco’s online classifieds business and … Read more